Voted “Best Solo Act” at the 2018 Wigan Live Festival (find out more…)

Lee Gillett

Lee Gillett is an experienced musician who has 2 distinct sides to what he provides.

On the one hand, for folk or blues festivals he can play his own songs as well as songs from the 1920’s onwards including early blues songs and Americana roots music including folk, bluegrass and country.

On the other hand, going out as “The Mean Eyed Cat”, he can provide well over 2 hours of crowd-pleasing cover versions of various songs and hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s through to the modern day. For more information about “The Mean Eyed Cat” click here. 

Although solo, Lee Gillett makes a very full sound due to playing harmonica and percussion “stomp box” as well as guitar and vocals.